Welcome To Paul Cummings Photography.

Hello, my name is Paul and i am an avid Photographer.

My journey into photography wasn’t a planned one. Around Easter 2012 I unfortunately developed Labrinthitus. Now this is by no means debilitating but it did alter my life. During my recuperation i found myself walking our dog daily. On these walks Id end up taking pictures with my iPhone 3s and obliterating them with Instagram Filters.

Deciding i actually quite enjoyed taking some pictures (I was NEVER very artistic) I took the plunge and bought my first camera - a Nikon D3100. I really, in every sense of the word - was clueless! It really all began here. Within days i was glued to Google and Youtube. I was looking at images and wanting to know how to achieve them.

Within weeks i was ordering Filters. Flash. Shoots. Tripod. Within months i was ordering Backdrops. New Lens. Reflectors. I just wanted to do EVERYTHING. What really inspires me about Photography is two very different, almost opposites. The first is that feeling of standing on a beach alone one freezing cold morning and witnessing THE most amazing sunrise imaginable. As any Landscape photographer will tell you - there is no feeling like it. The second is meeting and working with the most incredible people. Talent. Creativity. Generosity. Commitment. You name it…

Thank you for taking the time to look at my site. I plan to keep this regularly updated - i hope you enjoy! Please feel free to contact me through any of the links mentioned on this page!

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